The experience of other


Toni Antunović

I worked in Germany for 6 months for K&M and was employed through „Epoha“. It wasn't great, but „Epoha“ did their part as they promised. That helped me to stand on my feet and stay in Germany so I could find another job and learn the language. I will say it again. Do not expect too much and it will be hard and difficult, especially in the beginning, but it will be worth it. If you really want to work, you will make it.


Esmira Imamović

„New working experience, meeting new people and exploring cities, a chance to work and make progress, is everything that describes my stay in Germany. It was a pleasure to work with professional and responsible people who carried out everything that was promised. Thank you Epoha“.


Dijana Kapetančić

„I tried new things in life, got working experience, met new people, visited more than 50 cities and was paid for all of it. What else could I say except: Thank you Epoha.“


Jasmina Ademović

„I have very good impressions concerning my job in Germany, where I was employed through „Epoha“. It was a pleasure to work in such an atmosphere and with people I have met there. A lots of new acquaintances, even new friendships, town to town travels, meetings, good accommodation, and finally the working experience and work habits gained while also getting well paid. In the end, I send my thanks to „Epoha“ for showing their belief in me and for a successful cooperation during my stay in Germany.“ Thank you!


Jasmin Sivčević

„I was in Germany this year from February to March and I have only words of appraisal about it. Everything was fair and like was said in the contract. It was better than I expected.“


Lejla Zukić

„An unforgettable experience, above all a lifetime experience, not only because of the work, but also for experience of living in a community of 10 people, for month or two. Unfortunately, I was there for only 2 months. So, a big thanks for everything from me. „