Employment process

1. Online registration via website, Facebook page, by phone or personally at the office (The website registration through the application form is the fastest and fairly safe option. In that case, you would have to wait for our call, so we could schedule an appointment. Applyin via FB page could result in earlier appointment, but there is a chance your message would no be seen in FB inbox. Information is available by phone, though in order to make a final decision, we recommend coming personally to our office for informational conversation. Working hours are 08:30 -15: 30, Monday to Friday, and we are located at JUSKPC Mejdan, Tuzla. If by any chance, we couldn’t be found at the office, in the “contact” section on our website you will find a map and contact phone numbers. If this isn’t possible due to large distance, you can get all information needed via Skype or similar). It should be noted that in case we don’t answer the initial application, candidates can feel free to repeat it, call us or contact us in any other way. These situations can occur due to unseen messages in “wrong” FB inbox, or if e-mail is marked as spam. 2. The office interview or video call session, in case of large distance (During the office interview, we consider client’s plans, wishes and abilities and adapt them to our offers. Then follows a negotiation about whether the job is seasonal or permanent; in country or abroad; is retraining required; during what period should we plan it; if the client is employed abroad and married, maybe he/she would like to bring his family along etc. These live interviews are very important, because we always try to find the best solutions for employers and workers also. So the candidate actually does not have to be a member of the association and we’ll still gladly advise, support or recommend him if possible. 3. Signing the application form Signing the application form is a step that allows a candidate to become a member of the association, thus entitling it (the association) to act on behalf of the candidate in talks with employers and take responsibilities and commitments. When signing the application form, an annual membership fee of 5.00 Euros needs to be paid. If the candidate is awarded a work permit for jobs abroad, but in the meantime he decides to quit, the candidate is obliged to pay a compensation fee to the association. 4. Documentation completion It refers to collecting of documents, diplomas, certificates from the University etc. After documentation completion, the candidate will need to wait for work permit or employment contract. 5. The process of education, training or retraining If a training process is required for the job, the association organizes a training in a way that will show the candidate his/her daily work in practice. The training is just a simulation of actual work, but is enough to show the candidate's seriousness in approach to commitment and work. 6. Signing the contract After the training has been completed, two contracts are signed. One that regulates relations between the association and the member and the other with the employer. 7.Planing for start the work The association plans and coordinates arrival of the worker to the workplace and is always at his disposal if any problems need to be solved.